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If you have medical expenses that need to be paid, whether you have health insurance through your employer or you pay for your own plan, our HSA is the solution. To help control the costs of medical expenses, use your Health Savings Accounts to gain possible tax benefits.

**Consult your Tax Advisor.

  • Personal financial control over healthcare expenses and management
  • Anticipation of qualified medical expenses
  • Tax benefits include tax deductions with you contribute to your account and withdrawals for qualified medical, dental, vision benefits, and more
  • Tax-free contributions that can be deposited by you, your employer, or a third party
  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time

**You can withdraw funds at any time for any purpose. However, if funds are withdrawn for reasons other than qualified medical expenses, the amount withdrawn will be included as taxable income, and is subject to a 10% penalty.

Funds carry over year to year with no tax implications


Please contact your tax advisor for your eligibility.

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